Drive Team Productivity in Salesforce

Optimize your sales team's productivity with actionable data insight inside Salesforce


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Eliminate the unnecessary paperwork

Reduce the amount of time that your sales team spends on admin tasks and get them focusing on what you need from them… selling.

automate your salesforce data with Ebsta

Automate your Salesforce data

Our customer engagement platform tracks sales reps calendar, email engagement and sales activity automatically. Building a complete overview of each engagement and relationship your company has with your customers and prospects, instantly.

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Activity monitoring from Ebsta

Capture every activity

Ebsta Team automatically syncs and logging of all engagements with prospects and current customers. Reducing the time your sales team needs to update your Salesforce system and getting to the next opportunity quicker.

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Move smarter, faster and as a pack to increase revenue

  • Automate data capture in Salesforce
  • Score sales engagement
  • Map every business relationship
  • Company-wide visibility of performance
  • Identify the relationships that need attention
  • Consistently bring the insights in Salesforce forward

Identify internal roadblocks

Understand where your company’s or team’s bottlenecks are and quickly and efficiently identify solutions. Fast-tracking your business and driving sales and improving your ROI.

Identify sales force skills gaps with Ebsta

Identify training gaps

Ebsta uses your Salesforce data to provide insight into bottlenecks within your sales process. Highlighting areas where additional training is required.

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Optimised sales data from Ebsta Team

Analyse historical success

Ebsta benchmarks your past successful deals and engagements within Salesforce against your current pipeline to highlight potential roadblocks within your sales funnel.

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Focus your whole team as one

Get your sales team working as one entity across your business by giving them what they need to close deals quickly and efficiently. Ebsta uses your Salesforce data to connect each of your sales efforts into a cohesive campaign to drive revenue.

Optimise your relationship management with Ebsta

Improve your Customer Relationship Management

Ebsta delivers in-depth insight into your relationships with customers across your entire team. Identifying team members who hold the strongest contacts and which key stakeholders to engage with to
close the deal.

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Optimise sales targeting with Ebsta

Optimise sales targeting

Ebsta Engagement Scoring equips sales reps with the context to prioritize their individual sales pipeline and increase their close rate. While also providing leadership with insight into the overall company sales chain.

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