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Roundtable: Remote sales to remote buyers

3rd September 2020 – 4:30PM (BST)
  • How do you train, manage, and onboard remotely?
  • How to coordinate with remote stakeholders
  • Scaling a remote sales team
  • How the buyer and process has changed
  • The tools for remote sales
Mark Colgan
CRO & Founder

Speak On Podcasts

Gerry Hill


Wendy Weiss

Buki Mosaku

RosAcad – Results Orientated Sales Academy

Roundtable: Which deals to prioritize

10th September 2020 – 4:30PM BST
  • Identifying risk & opportunity in your sales pipeline
  • Coaching your team on how to prioritize deals
  • How forecasting has changed
Tamara McMillen FSM
Board Advisor


Daniel Herbert
VP of Sales


George Arabian
VP of Sales

Absolutdata Analytics

Michael Meehan
Regional VP


Roundtable: Social selling & personal brand

17th September 2020 – 4:30PM BST
  • What happens when it eats into core sales time?
  • How do you measure success?
  • How do you turn engagement into pipeline & revenue?
  • First steps
Dan Disney
Founder & Owner

The Daily Sales

Wendy Van Gilst
Client Solutions Manager


Justin Michael


Marcus Cauchi

Scaleups & Hypergrowth podcast

New fundamentals of sales forecasting

24th September 2020 – 4:30PM BST
  • How to identify the health of your pipeline
  • How to gain better visibility of your forecasts
  • How to improve your forecasts accuracy
Rory Brown
Co-founder & CCO

Kluster Intelligence

Adam Kay
VP of Sales


Guy Rubin


Louis Fernandes
MD Northern Europe

HRS Group

Host & Ebsta Ambassador
Michael Hanson

Sales influencer and Founder of Growth Genie, empowering B2B sales teams to have more conversations through repeatable, scalable outbound cadences and playbooks.

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We launched this community broadcast to bring the leadership advice we’ve been hearing offline with a wider audience of sales leaders online. To accelerate the information needed to consider, capitalize, and combat the rapid changes that are unfolding in our sales environments. By podcast, zoom, and as a community. A place for leaders to lean on each other in order to lead others.