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Increase your outbound sales productivity with a simple and easy-to-use sales automation platform.

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Prospecting can take a lot of time for sales teams. This is where Ebsta comes in.

Personalize your approach

Build personalized prospecting workflows for each of your customers, that combine your sales rep’s interactions into multichannel campaigns that engage with prospects and produce results.

Benchmark sales performance

Know how each step of your sales pipeline is working and what avenue is getting the best return. Benchmark your live prospecting against historic data to spotlight the activity and engagement that will progress each stage of your sales cycle.

Track every interaction

Automatically track, log and organize each of sales rep’s customer interactions, with completely visibility over their business network and historical engagements.

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Reduce prospecting time

With Ebsta, your sales reps can easily cross reference your SalesForce data to find key contact data. Ebsta integrates with over 50 data points to bring you the most up-to-date information.


Turn cold calling into warm introductions

Making the first contact with a customer is tough, but with Ebsta you can identify other relationships that your colleagues have and turn your cold call into an easy chat.

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Keep your pipeline moving

With Ebsta, you know exactly how your sales pipeline is moving and what is blocking it. Make your prospecting a breeze with effective analysis that highlights where you need to focus your team to get the best results.


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