Optimize engagement with enriched contact data

Ensure your outreach targeting is focused on the right decision-makers.

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To get the best results your sales teams need to have the right contacts. This is where Ebsta comes in.

Connect your whole team

Open more avenues for success to your sales team by highlighting who each of your sales reps have interacted with and providing automated contact points for the best placed members to drive the deal to completion.

Reduce admin time

Reduce the amount of time that reps spend researching contacts within prospective businesses, Ebsta automatically detects and enriches your SalesForce data in any missing contact data to get your sales team focusing on engaging with leads.

Track every interaction

Automatically track, log and organize each of sales rep’s customer interactions, with completely visibility over their business network and historical engagements.

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Reduce your rep’s paperwork

Ebsta gives reps more time to do important things like engaging with customers by compiling and enriching your customer data automatically. With Ebsta, all sales activities are updated in real-time. Meaning sales teams no longer have to spend hours collating or researching contacts or adding activity reports.


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Reduce pipeline bottlenecks

Ebsta ensures that your SalesForce data is constantly up-to-date so even if a prospective customer is on holiday for a week you’ll know and can adjust your sales pipeline immediately.

Improve CRM compliance

Ensuring that your CRM systems are correct not only helps your reps contact the right decision-makers, it ensures your compliance with data protection laws. With CRM enrichment from Ebsta you know that your sales outreach is being targeted correctly avoiding reputation damage.


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