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Leverage your Salesforce data to strengthen sales pipeline visibility.

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Take the casting out of forecasting

Prioritize Prospects

Know how engaged your pipleline is, with our engagement scoring, allowing reps to focus on the most engaged with data-driven insight.

Real-time pipeline progression

Continuously monitor your sales reps progress in real-time allowing for on-the-fly optimisations reducing the risk of lost opportunities.

360o view

Automatically track and organize all of your customer interactions with data-backed insight to improve customer sales experience.

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Improve Your Forecast Accuracy with Data-Driven Insights

Sales forecasting can be trial and error with managerial insight often being disconnected from the in the field situation. Ebsta provides a live indicator of how engaged your business is with every customer throughout your pipeline in Salesforce. Empowering managers to understand deal risk and dropped opportunities, while ensuring that reps know where to target.


Manage Your Process to Drive Sales

Understanding how your sales process is driven and where and how opportunities are missed is key to increasing revenue. Ebsta provides a complete overview of where your strongest engagement is throughout the customer lifecycle.

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