Sales Analysis and Reporting In Salesforce

Improve Visibility and Gain Insights into Team Productivity, Deal Risk, and Sales Pipeline and Forecasting.


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Get the insight you need to optimise your sales process

Use your Salesforce data more effectively with data-driven insights and forecasting to make better business decisions and improve your sales process. Ebsta Team drills into your Salesforce data to provide you with real-time sales data analysis enabling informed decision-making throughout your sales organisation.

Optimise sales performance with Ebsta Team

Optimize Sales Performance

Build a complete overview of each individual sales rep engagement by measuring their calendar, email engagement and sales activity. Providing you with the data you need to optimise your sales pipeline and drive key sales initiatives.

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Activity monitoring from Ebsta

Capture Every Activity

Ebsta Team automatically syncs and logging of all engagements with prospects and current customers. Allowing analysis your sales activity to understand your relationships with customers and unlock new sales avenues.

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Move smarter, faster and as a pack to increase revenue

  • Automate data capture in Salesforce
  • Score sales engagement
  • Map every business relationship
  • Company-wide visibility of performance
  • Identify the relationships that need attention
  • Consistently bring the insights in Salesforce forward


Improve Your Sales Forecasting

Ebsta Team delivers real-time sales opportunity scoring highlighting deals that are at closing or at risk ensuring that you have the situational understanding to optimize sales forecasting.

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Optimised sales data from Ebsta Team

Optimise Your Sales Data Analysis

Ebsta aligns your reporting and forecasting to real-time activity and highlights the strength of individual engagements. Add a deeper level of reporting and forecasting to accelerate each sales cycle, capture more potential revenue and reduce deal risk.

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