Relationship Mapping

Put the “relationship” into CRM by automatically capturing every contact and scoring engagement.

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See who knows who across the company faster.

Turn your relationships into revenue by sharing connections across your whole organization. Discover who knows who to discover new opportunities and improve customer experience.

Discover relationships across your organization

Build an “internal LinkedIn” for your CRM by automatically capturing every contact across your organization. Have complete visibility of who knows who and who has the best relationship with different prospects and accounts. Save time asking for introductions and collaborate with colleagues through the customer lifecycle.


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Increase pipeline with warm introductions

Ebsta analyzes activity in real-time to score engagement and highlight who has the strongest relationship with a prospect or customer in your CRM. Leverage the strongest relationships automatically for the very best introductions into new accounts and work collaboratively to increase your pipeline together.

Build better customer experiences

Give a customer a complete experience by tying together relationships through the sales process, from SDRs and sales managers to customer success and support. Share relationships and previous activities across departments to build a more personal experience for your customer.


Improve team collaboration

Give your whole team complete visibility of what’s going on with every record in your CRM. Share relationships and activities to create greater team alignment, streamline “what’s going on with…” conversations, to deliver better customer experiences.

Never lose a business relationship

On average, organizations lose as many as 58% of their business relationships every year as the CRM isn’t updated and employees leave. Make your CRM the single source of truth by capturing every contact automatically and then track if they ever leave the business.


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