Optimize sales performance

Improve the productivity and performance of your sales team with more accurate insights.

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Be an empowered, data-driven sales leader with a clear view of activity levels, pipeline trends, close rates, sales cycles, average deal values and opportunity engagement at your fingertips. Bring together real-time activity reports and key sales metrics to quickly identify ways to optimize sales performance and help your team hit quota.

Improve rep productivity levels

Automatically capture emails, meetings and calls for complete visibility into your sales team’s productivity levels. With real-time trend analysis, you can monitor activity levels over time to track and improve productivity levels.


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Focus your reps on revenue-generating activity

Ebsta analyzes activity levels to score engagement and highlight the strength of relationship with every prospect and customer. Help your sales team focus on the most important relationships by prioritizing engagement with the warmest leads, stakeholders in sales processes and advocates within key customer accounts.

Coach your sales team with more accurate insights

Understand the DNA of previously closed won opportunities to create individual benchmarks for your sales team. Close more deals by focusing on building relationships, increasing engagement and moving through the sales process faster.


Identify opportunities at risk faster

Keep your finger on the pulse of revenue by monitoring your pipeline in real-time. With Ebsta’s Pipeline Insights, you can move quickly on the opportunities that have stalled, lost engagement with stakeholders or started to trend negatively.

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