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For sales teams, focusing on key leads and generating new prospects is key. This is where Ebsta comes in.

Identify potential prospects

Build a complete picture of your sales targets with automated data capture and collection, providing sales reps with key contact and activity data they can use to drive deal completions.

Automate sales funnel

Know when prospects are engaged with Engagement Scoring equipping your sales reps with the context they need to prioritize their individual sales pipeline and increase their sales success.

Track every interaction

Automatically track, log and organize each of sales rep’s customer interactions, with completely visibility over their business network and historical engagements.

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Boost sales activity

Automating your SalesForce data means gives hours of the day back to your sales team to focus on getting more leads, contacting more prospects and driving revenue.


Keep your pipeline moving

With Ebsta, you know exactly how your sales pipeline is moving and what is blocking it. Make your prospecting a breeze with effective analysis that highlights where you need to focus your team to get the best results.

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Easily identify potential risk

With Ebsta, you get a 360o view of your whole sale operation from your SalesForce dashboard. Ensuring that you know how each opportunity is progressing and what is blocking it if it isn’t.


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