Increase Sales productivity

Effortlessly supercharge the productivity of your sales team with automating workflow from your Inbox.

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Give your sales team 12 hours extra selling time a week by automating sales workflow and CRM updates.

Automatically update your CRM

Ebsta helps to improve the quality of your CRM by automatically capturing every email, meeting and contact. Sales reps can spend more time on high-quality, revenue-generating tasks, whilst management have better visibility of what’s going on and how reps are performing.


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Grow your pipeline with personalized sales outreach

Build relationships with more prospects by designing personalized cadences with multiple touch points, including emails, calls and meetings. Customize individual email templates with field merging to save time and enrol hundreds of prospects into a single cadence.

Track sales performance to
improve effectiveness

Accurately report on the daily activity levels of your sales reps to improve productivity levels. Analyze open, click and reply rates to improve the effectiveness of communication. Monitor sales metrics to improve close rates and pipeline engagement.


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