Sales Forecast Management

Leverage your Salesforce data into actionable insights to more accurately predict sales revenue


Take the casting out of Forecasting

Get data-driven and real-time insights into your SalesForce data, making your sales forecasts predictive instead of speculative. Ebsta sales forecasting tool analyses your sales opportunities to understand bottlenecks and pain points throughout your sales team and process enabling you to
optimise and drive revenue.

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Improve Your Forecast Accuracy with Data-Driven Insights

Sales forecasting can be trial and error with managerial insight often being disconnected from the in the field situation. Ebsta provides a live indicator of how engaged your business is with every customer throughout your pipeline in Salesforce. Empowering managers to understand deal risk and dropped opportunities, while ensuring that reps know where to target.

Optimise sales performance with Ebsta Team

Improve Sales Engagement

Ebsta identifies opportunities and relationships that are cooling and at risk to keep ensure that your sales team are targeting the opportunities correctly.

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Activity monitoring from Ebsta

Capture Every Opportunity

Reduce forecast prediction with a complete understanding how your sales pipeline is progressing with real-time data on prospect contact activity.

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Move smarter, faster and as a pack to increase revenue

  • Automate data capture in Salesforce
  • Score sales engagement
  • Map every business relationship
  • Company-wide visibility of performance
  • Identify the relationships that need attention
  • Consistently bring the insights in Salesforce forward

Manage Your Process to Drive Sales

Understanding how your sales process is driven and where and how opportunities are missed is key to increasing revenue. Ebsta provides a complete overview of where your strongest engagement is throughout the customer lifecycle.


Improve your Customer Relationship Management

Ebsta delivers in-depth insight into your relationships with customers across your entire team. Identifying team members who hold the strongest relationships and key stakeholders to engage with to
close the deal.

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Optimised sales data from Ebsta Team

Identify Missing and Lapsed Contact

Ebsta automatically captures missing information about your prospect targets or contact information. Uncovering the network of relationships you hold outside of Salesforce and right contacts to target.

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